Your Watch Winder setup should be easy

that's why we created the LumiSidus iOS App

Set the amount of rotations with the watch winder App per day seamlessly by moving the golden circle in the LumiSidus Illustration
Rest Phase
Pick the start time of the rest phase so that your watches' springs can relax during night and will be wound up automatically in the morning.
Rotational Direction
By pressing Button 1, 2 or 3 you can adjust how often the direction of rotation changes.
Use your phone as a remote to turn on the mood light which illuminates your timepieces in a celestial atmosphere
Light color
Adjust the stand's illumination by tapping and holding one of the LumiSidus color circles. Choose any color that suits your mood and enjoy your radiant watch universe
Light function
Every color can be adjusted in its intensity. Also set a relaxing pulsing light, or simply create a sequence by combining different colors