LumiSidus11 Silver Cristal Agate

The LumiSidus11 combines functionality and design. The result is a must have for every watch lover who wants the smoothest treatment for his watches. Your watches are wound up by a gentle and harmonic movement without any quick stops or fast spins. Set the number of rotations per day with the LumiSidus App and select the rest phase. The rotation direction is changed automatically so that a minimum of settings are necessary to set up your LumiSidus.

The crystal stand is handcrafted from small crystal fragments like a mosaic. The resulting crystal structure makes every LumiSidus unique. To enhance the stands beauty and to enlighten your timepieces, a LED light system is integrated which can be adjusted on the machine itself or on our LumiSidus App.

for 11 watches
  • silent "Swiss Made" engine
  • for watch diameters up to 60mm
  • stainless steel
  • precious mosaic achat stand
  • LED light system integrated in crystal stand
  • App light function
  • light settings adjustable on machine
  • App rotation function
  • smoothest treatment for your watches with gentle constant movement
  • 44x60x21 cm (height x width x depth)

price excluding VAT 

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